Anna is an essential video partner as she masterfully approaches her work to make sure your highest objective and your biggest goal is represented throughout your project. With a long history of working with small businesses, post houses, agencies, and corporate teams, she’s become skilled in curating people and footage around important ideas.

Once you’ve done all the hard work of production, bring Anna your assets and sit back as she does what she does best. Staying directly in tune with the client and the intended audience is a critical aspect of her workflow that she manages closely. Expertise shows through her process from beginning to end.

Anna has the unique ability to bridge technical details and vision that makes interfacing with clients a breeze. You’ll find she’s a harmonious integration into any project as your post production go-to.

To Anna, each project isn’t just a job, it’s an opportunity to connect important content to the people who need it. You have something to say and someone who needs to hear it—Anna is committed to getting your message through in an effective, beautiful and meaningful way.

Want to work with Anna from the inception of your project?  Her full-service production capabilities make it possible for her to produce your video project from the very beginning. Check out Storykind as your video production partner!

StrengthsFinder Profile: Harmony, Empathy, Deliberative, Adaptability, Developer